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19-century mansion revived as union hall for Laborers' Local 860

Posted by Alison Grant December 13, 2007 06:56AM

See Story - Local 860 refurbishes historic building for new home

  Before   After
Gus Chan/The Plain Dealer The refurbished entrance to
Southworth House, now home to Laborers Local 860.
  Before   After

Prevailing Wage

"Prevailing Wage laws require that construction workers on public projects be paid the wages and benefits that are found by the Department of Labor to be ‘prevailing’ for similar work in or near the locality in which the construction project is to be performed"
--Dr. Michael Kelsay,
"The Adverse Economic Impact from the Repeal of the Prevailing Wage Law in Missouri"

The Importance of Prevailing Wage

Equitable Wages: The role of Government and Morality

Report on the Prevailing Wage Law of Nevada

Michigans Prevailing Wage Act

Local 860 Express Newsletter Archive - Senator Kenny Yuko's e-mail. Brother Yuko is always available for your questions.

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